Length: 45 kilometers, 75 kilometers or 90 kilometers.

Vaeltaja -Activepass is good for a person looking for a little longer cycling trip. The trip starts with a Hopealinjat cruise from Tampere Laukontori harbour to Visavuori (or the other way around). The ship offers you and your bike a voyage on waves at the beautiful lake scenery. During the journey, you can enjoy a little snack and drinks for free. The cycling part of the trip is 45-90 kilometers depending on your choice of the route.


Eastern route

The ship arrives at Visavuori, which was the home and an atelier of Emil Wikström. There is a lot to see in the area and it is a good starting point for your cycling journey. From Visavuori, you can head to northern Valkeakoski, where you can have a stopover at Rapolanharju (esker). Rapolanharju is a significant prehistoric area, where you can find the remains of an ancient castle and other prehistoric constructions. Not far away from Rapolanharju, you can enjoy delicious cake and coffee at Tervapääsky garden cafe’s romantic building or at the historical garden.

The journey continues towards the centre of Valkeakoski, where you can find many different dining places. You can choose to eat grill food at the Puistogrilli, locally grown food at NikMik or the restaurant Sauna Bar & Grill with a big terrace. After a good meal, you will cycle a lot more smoother, so lets continue on the route. If you need a place to stay over, very good choice is the Pehtoorin Kammarit at Pälkäne, about 20 kilometers from the centre of Valkeakoski. It is located on the peaceful countryside offering air conditioned rooms, sauna and breakfast for guests. From the guesthouse, there is a short trip to Rönnvik Viinitila (winery), located at a beautiful area in Pälkäne.

Moving forward on the route, next attractions can be found at the centre of Pälkäne. Worth visiting are Tuulimyllymuseo (windmill museum), Salimäki museum and the family-owned company Strutsitila Syrjynen (ostrich farm). There is still a couple of hours of cycling to Tampere from Pälkäne, and the next stopover after Pälkäne is Kangasala. You can find many interesting places also from Kangasala. For example, the car museum of Vehoniemi, Keisarinharju observation tower and Kirkkoharju observation tower are an excellent choices. After you have seen enough attractions, you can refresh on the Liuttu beach, which is the last stop on the route.


Western route

The western route of Vaeltaja offers you a bit more kilometers to cycle than the eastern route. The cycling journey starts from Visavuori to Akaa, where you can find a nice guesthouse called Villi Ullakko B&B. It’s a cosy guesthouse that offers you a nice accommodation, kitchen to cook your own food and a sauna for refreshing.

After a good night sleep, you will cycle a lot faster. The next 20 kilometers on the route goes to Vesilahti, where you can stop to eat some lunch from the Lunch-cafe Kurkitupa. Only a kilometer away from Kurkitupa, you can find the Savipaja Samotti (pottery). From the pottery, you can buy some souvenier ceramics and get to know the yard’s clay residents.

From the ceramic/clay store the journey continues to Laukko Mansion, which is located 15 kilometers away from the pottery. Laukko Mansion introduces you to the historical way of living in mansions. In the beautiful Laukko Juhlatalli, you get to taste the chef’s popular delicacies. From Laukko Mansion, there is still 45 kilometers of cycling to Tampere. Check out the travel tips between Nokia and Tampere route from Maisemareitti -Activepass (Northern route).