Length: 15-20 kilometers.

Maisemareitti -Activepass is a good choice for a family with kids or a starting bicycle traveller. The journey begins with a Hopealinjat ship from Tampere Laukontori harbour to Nokia Eden (or the other way around). The ship offers you and your bicycle a comfortable trip on the waves of the Lake Pyhäjärvi. You can also enjoy some snacks and drinks for free on the ship. In addition to the cruise, the journey includes 15-20 kilometers of cycling on the beautiful scenic route.


Pirkkala route

If you choose the Pirkkala side of the Maisemareitti route, the first stopping point is definitely Rajasilta Cafe, the traditional cafe that has been operating for over 30 years. The cafe is located near the lake and you can enjoy the amazing scenery while sipping your coffee or eating delicious home-made food or grill food. When your stomach is full of delicacies, it is time to move forward on the route. Besides the amazing scenery, there are many good beaches on the route, for example Rantaniitty and Loukonlahti beach. Both have changing rooms and a WC/latrine at the beach.

If you need some more activites or accommodation, good choice is the Härmälä Camping. You can stay in cabins or in your own tent. There is also a beach, cafe-pizzeria, convenience store, saunas, minigolf and a beach volleyball court. You can also rent rowing boats, canoes and lots of other sporting equipment. From Härmälä Camping to the centre of Tampere, there is only 4 kilometers of cycling. Last stop-over is at the Hatanpää Arboretum, where you should definitely spend some time. The area consists of 3 parks and a historical mansion. You can also get to know many different trees, bushes, summer flowers and potherbs in the area.

Northern route

Also the northern route of Maisemareitti offers a lot to see and experience. You can start your cycling trip by heading to the Vihnusjärvi beach, not far away from Nokia Eden. You can also find a diving platform at Kennonnokka, Vihnusjärvi. If you don’t feel like relaxing on the beach at the start of the cycling journey, you can find many other beaches on the route, for example Rahola, Tahmela and Pyynikki beaches.

In addition to beaches and amazing lake scenery, you can find a lot more on the route. Especially Pispala and Pyynikki areas are full of different kind of attractions to choose from. The Pumpkin house Tahmela, writer Lauri Viita’s museum, Finland’s oldest operating public sauna Rajaportti Sauna, Pyynikki kesäteatteri (summer theatre) and Pispalan Haulitorni are all nearby the route. The most famous attraction on the route must be the Pyynikki observation tower located on top of the world’s largest esker over 150 meters above sea level, offering a wonderful view over the lakes and the entire city of Tampere. Downstairs you can find a cafe that offers probably the best doughnuts in Finland!