Laukon Peura

Length: 45-60 kilometers, depending whether you choose the eastside or the westside of the Lake Pyhäjärvi.

Following the steps of Laukon Peura, you will get to know the historical route from Laukontori Harbour to Laukko Mansion. Laukko-route is part of the core routes of the Pyhäjärvi Lake Trail but there are many different possibilities to travel the route. Here we present the Laukon Peura that is a good example of a culture trip offering adventures on a bicycle and on a ship.

The main idea is to go one of the ways with a Hopealinjat ship. The ship goes from Laukontori Harbour to Laukko Mansion (or the other way around) regularly and it welcomes bicycles on board. Just remember to book your tickets beforehand for you and your bicycle! Also Laukko-bus goes to Laukko Mansion every day and you can bring your bicycle on the bus.