Lempäälä: Lempäälä Health Spa

Lempäälä Health Spa welcomes you to treat yourself with traditional balneotherapy, to have a holiday with full-service or to stay for the weekend. Lempäälä Health Spa has also accommodation including breakfast, sauna and massage – good for a biker in need for recovery.

Lempäälä Health Spa was established in 1926. During 1930-1960 it was a very popular place among artists. For example, famous Finnish artists Imari Kianto, Mika Waltari and Aaro Hellaakoski enjoyed the services of the spa. Traditional “Uoti-balneotherapy” has been given for over 100 years. The Uoti balneotherapy is based on water treatments with changing temperatures. There are baths with changing temperatures for legs, head or torso, massage with a linen towel, steam sauna, cold linen wrappings etc.