Kangasala: The Car Museum of Vehoniemi

The Car Museum of Vehoniemi offers you memorable visions to the history of motor vehicles. Vehoniemi is a good spot to stop for a little visit or for a full day adventure. The Vehoniemi esker offers you an amazing place to walk around and enjoy the nature. You can visit the car exhibition on your own or take a guided tour. The exhibition is free of charge.

Guided tours should be booked beforehand. The cafe operating at the museum is used to dealing with big groups, quick schedules and the group’s wishes come first. The cafe is famous for the doughnuts and the white chocolate cake. Homemade lunch is served if it’s ordered and agreed beforehand. The cafe also sells many different kind of ice creams, also sugar-free and lactose-free. The cafe also makes you snacks for a hike in the nearby nature conservation area. The observation tower built in 1927 is right by the exhibition building and it’s free of charge.