Length: about 170 kilometers
Recommendation: 1-4 days
Ship: Tampere, Nokia, Laukko, Akaa (Toijala), Visavuori
Train: Tampere, Nokia, Akaa

GPX-file for navigation: Vaeltaja

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While cycling the Vaeltaja, you will travel through Pirkanmaa region and its cultural landscapes and historical destinations. You should reserve some time for this route because there is a lot to see! On the road, you will experience genuine Pirkanmaa region’s life, see many stunning esker landscapes and get to know museums, arts and delicious locally grown food. On the road, you can write your own poem collection, as did Elias Lönnrot, the famous Finnish writer.

Vaeltaja will also offer you the most beautiful churches. You don’t have to travel very far distances on the route to see church tower after church tower welcoming you in to the villages with tasty services. That’s why you can hop on the route with a “from tower to tower” -mentality. You can also design your trip in many different ways since there are many harbours and train stations along the way. Just remember to book your tickets beforehand!

Services on the route

Experiences on the route