Length: 110 kilometers
Recommendation: 1-3 days
Ship: Tampere, Nokia, Laukko, Lempäälä
Train: Tampere, Nokia, Lempäälä

GPX-file for navigation: Laukko

From Laukontori Harbour to Laukko Mansion – this route is full of history. On the bicycle, this route is a real sightseeing tour of Mansions! You can add a ferry cruise with a Hopealinjat ship to Laukko Mansion that will halve your cycling trip. You can take a bicycle with you on the ship. Just remember to reserve your tickets beforehand!

The route is very suitable for an easy-going 1-3 days trip and there are many good accommodation opportunities along the way. Laukko is surely manageable as a day-trip for an active cyclist, but we recommend to stay over night to have time to really enjoy the services and beautiful scenery. While on the road, don’t forget to investigate the mythical story of Kirmukarmu!

Services on the route

Experiences on the route