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Pyhäjärvi Lake Trail is a new set of routes designed for cyclists. The route will expand the possibilities for bicycle travellers together with the northern sister, Näsijärvireitti Lake Trail. Pyhäjärvi Lake Trail offers you easily accessible choices for a cycling trip. On the route, you can enjoy the amazing scenery of the Lake Pyhäjärvi, locally grown food, culture, nature and peace. Take a look at the routes and our ready-made travel tips and choose one that you like. You can also design your own trip with the help of our route and service maps. There are 5 routes: Maisemareitti, Laukko, Roine, Vaeltaja and Pikku-Vanaja.

Hopealinjat offers cruises at the Lake Pyhäjärvi and also trains stop close to the routes. Both ships and trains accept bicycles on board, so you can go part of the route on waves or on tracks! Just remember to book your tickets beforehand.

Left side you can see the whole set of routes that you can use to design your own trip!

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