Cycling is for everyone

Pyhäjärvi Lake Trail is developed for cyclists to make planning a trip easier. With a little bit of imagination, a cycling holiday can be a lot more than just cycling hard with your helmet full of sweat. We have planned the routes so everyone can choose a suitable trip for themself. Check out our travel tips on our website and start cycling!

On the bicycle you will experience more

Travelling by bicycle is genuinely part of the journey. You will have time to see more and discover things that you would otherwise miss travelling by car. You will have time to stop to enjoy locally grown food, culture, attractions and the peace of nature. Check out our ready-made travel tips, choose one you like or design your own adventure with our route and service maps.

Make your trip easier with a cruise or a train

You can go some of the way with a ship or a train and do smaller trips at the destination. Hopealinjat ships will take you to Laukko Mansion, Nokia or Visavuori. Trains go between Tampere, Nokia, Toijala and Lempäälä.