Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa

Get your travelling lunch from S-Markets and Sales near the Pyhäjärvi Lake Trail. You can also find local products on the shelves.

LähiTapiola Pirkanmaa

Safety is very important even when you are travelling in the familiar areas. So be careful on the road, use a helmet and get a traveller’s insurance from LähiTapiola.

Tampere Water

The most popular tap water in Tampere since 1898, fill your bottles with this refreshing water from the Tampere Water.


Hopealinjat Activepasses combine a cruise on the Lake Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi to your cycling trip even easier than before. Buy your own pass from the Hopealinjat online store and you will be a one step closer to summer!




Pelago Bicycles

Our bikes for work trips are provided by Pelago Bicycles. Pelago has a diverse set of bicycles on their catalog. Our route team uses the Bristol suitable for an easy-going cycling trips and the Sibbo suitable for a little more sporty cyclists.

Lomalinja Oy

Lomalinja was the official tour operator on our test trip to Elberadweg, Germany. Lomalinja is also our partner in developing bicycle travel products on the Lake Trails.


In our communications, the most important local partner is the Aamulehti Moro -magazine that was also a partner in our Explorer-campaign.