Vesilahti: Laukko Mansion

Laukko is a cultural mansion in Vesilahti. The estate reopened to public in the summer of 2016 while it celebrated its 600th birthday. The visitors can now admire the building’s art collections and walk around the estate’s vast gardens and grounds. There is also a restaurant and a shop in Laukko. The shop offers books on history and antiquities, handmade jewelry and scarfs, English porcelain, lamps, quaint wooden toys, picturesque post cards and contemporary photography prints.

Laukko Bus transports visitors from Tampere railway station to Laukko from Wednesday to Saturday. Busses departure from railway station main doors at 13:00 and the bus ride takes 45 minutes. Tickets are 7 € one way. Busses leave Laukko at 18:00, returning to Tampere at 18:45.

You can also get to Laukko by a Hopealinjat ship:

26.6.–7.8. on mondays

Laukontori harbour – Laukko Mansion 10.00–12.15
Laukko Mansion – Laukontori harbour 15.00–17.15